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GIMBE: Eventi, progetti, pubblicazioni e altre attività istituzionali della Fondazione GIMBE
Metodologiche: articoli pertinenti le aree del know-how GIMBE, pubblicati nei top-six journals*
Cliniche: articoli di ricerca clinica primaria e secondaria pubblicati nei top-six journals*
Sanità: notizie dalla sanità italiana
Eventi: congressi, conferenze, workshop nazionali e internazionali relativi alle aree del know-how GIMBE

*N Engl J Med, Lancet, Ann Intern Med, JAMA, BMJ, PLos Med

26 dicembre 2019

Where Were the Women? Gender Parity in Clinical Trials

N Engl J Med 2019;381:2491-2493

24 dicembre 2019

Addressing Bias in Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

JAMA 2019;322:2377-2378

Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Population HealthThe Balance Between Clinical Care and Public Health

JAMA 2019;322:2379-2380

Clarifying the Meaning of Clinically Meaningful Benefit in Clinical Research. Noticeable Change vs Valuable Change

JAMA 2019;322:2381-2382

14 dicembre 2019

Italian science funding agency moves a step closer to reality

Lancet 2019;394:2126

Pathways to independence: towards producing and using trustworthy evidence

BMJ 2019;367:l6576

12 dicembre 2019

Machine Learning and the Cancer-Diagnosis Problem - No Gold Standard

N Engl J Med 2019;381:2285-2287

8 dicembre 2019

Overdiagnosis and industry influence: how cow�s milk protein allergy is extending the reach of infant formula manufacturers

BMJ 2018;363:k5056

7 dicembre 2019

Corruption in global health: the open secret

Lancet 2019;394:2119-2124

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